Faster Business Loans Article from TakeCharge Capital

NEWINGTON, CT- TakeCharge Capital, LLC, an An Alternative Lending Company and Fast Business Loan Service Provider based in Connecticut, pronounces the purchasing of SBS Capital, LLC an economic systems agency offering merchant funds advances and Fast Business Loan Provider operating out of Newington, Connecticut. SBS Cash are likely to co brand their agency under TakeCharge Funds and Fast Business Loans and also has appointed Aaron Shimkowitz COO regarding TakeCharge Capital, retired VP associated with SBS. “TakeCharge’s MCA Portfolio at present features 28 Million within Financing to be able to small-mid sized businesses nationwide, among them 400+ mastercard processing retailers included in the actual TakeCharge Fast Business Loan Payments Collection respectively.” stated Sam Kota, Boss at TakeCharge.

To accommodate growth, TakeCharge Capital has relocated from 705 Northern Mountain Road in Connecticut to prime 4,000 square ft facility situated on 2600 Berlin Turnpike in Newington Connecticut. “With concerning 100,000 drivers transferring through the turnpike everyday and over 32,000 businesses within a 40 Mile Radius, the Berlin Turnpike marks the first storefront location in our New Retail Approach. The end-to-end model coupled inside a retail environment is by far the best user experience, as we’ve figured out from outside industry leaders like apple and the gap” states Shimkowitz.

Besides the expansion, TakeCharge Capital has advertised:

– George Korhonen- SVP of Business Improvement at TakeCharge Capital. In this brand new role, Mr. Korhonen will continue to formulate TakeCharge’s core business and lead new partnerships within the truck and medical industries.

* Rebeqa Abrams- VP of Operations at TakeCharge Capital. In this new role, Ms. Abrams will continue to manage enterprise operations and direct fresh operational initiatives to reduce costs and increase overall agency efficiency.

And newly appointed:

– Aaron Shimkowitz- Chief Operations Officer at TakeCharge Capital, former Vice president at SBS. In this new visit, Aaron will spearhead and oversee just about all operations, accounting and day to day corporate responsibilities.

– Nicole Beaudry- VP of Funding at TakeCharge Cash, former Director of Cash Administration at SBS. In this new appointment, Nicole will oversee funding close ties and refinance department.

– Jennifer Burke- VP of Sales in TakeCharge Capital, former Executive Underwriting Professional at SBS. In this new consultation, Jennifer will oversee sales as well as portfolio retention.

“This partnership using Aaron’s team, further attributes to our long-term strategy of creating a google-like culture along with top notch talent and a passion to design technology specifically for small business community we serve.” states Kota.

TakeCharge Capital Fast Business Loans and Fast Small Business Loans, LLC, based in Newington Connecticut is a privately-held financial technology company providing loan and settlement services to business owners across america. For more information, visit http://www.takechargecapital.internet or email To talk directly with a TakeCharge Representative get to us Toll-free at 877-417-9473.